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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Why We Love The Brush Guard.

Makeup brushes are a big-time investment, and The Brush Guard makes caring for them a no-brainer. The mesh-like, polyester sleeves come in multiple sizes to work on any type of brush (i.e., foundation, lip, blush). They’re snug, but stretchy and designed to mold to a brush, preserving—or helping it reform to—its original shape whenever its not in use, but what we love most about Brush Guards is that they allow you to dry brushes elevated yet bristle-down in a cup, which lets water drain away (the material is completely breathable) instead of seeping into the handle. In preventing excess dampness, The Guard also acts as a protective barrier against germs, which makes total sense, since brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria. So you get cleaner, more sanitary brushes that maintain their shape and last a lot longer. In that way, using Brush Guards is like taking out an insurance policy on your brushes!

Too often, even after buying a top-quality set of makeup brushes, we neglect to give them the TLC(Tender, Love & Care) they deserve. Even though we use these tools on our faces every day, they often sit on a bathroom shelf or vanity in a jar, with no protection, while other products are carefully stored and covered.

*** 'Makeup brushes are expensive, and this is a small price to pay to keep them in good shape and lasting.'***

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